Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Presidential Elector?

Electors are the folks in the "Electoral College" who actually vote for the President (and Vice President).

On Election Day, when voters vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, they are actually voting for Electors. These Electors are selected by the candidate's party and are bound to vote for that candidate, if that candidate wins the state. (Laws vary between states, but Virginia law states the Electors are required to vote for the party's nominee.)

How many Presidential Electors will we choose at the 10th District Convention?

Only one. (Actually, since no one filed, and Jim is elected by default, we won't even be voting for Elector.)

Each state has one Elector for each member in its congressional delegation. In other words, one Elector per Congressman and one per Senator. Virginia, therefore, has 13: one per congressional district and two at-large (because there are two Senators). The two at-large Electors are chosen at the RPV Convention.

When and where is the 10th District Convention?

Where: Stone Bridge High School, 43100 Hay Rd, Ashburn.

When: Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 10:00a.m.

How do we file to be delegates at the 10th District Convention?

The deadlines to file have passed. If you haven't filed, you will not be able to attend as a delegate... but you can still come to cheer for Jim.