Who Is Jim Huber?

Jim grew up in a small, suburban, New York town, East Northport. He and his older brother were raised by his two proud parents, Carol, a full-time mom, and William, a retired New York City cop.

Jim survived public schools, graduating with honors in high school and then at the University of Buffalo, where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. More importantly, he somehow emerged from college as a conservative.

Jim moved down to Northern Virginia, got his Masters in Computer Science from George Mason University, and began his career as a Web designer. He worked for a few companies, large and small, till he decided to take a risk by going off on his own. In 2002, he formed Huberspace Web Design, a Leesburg-based Web development business, in part specializing in websites for Republican political campaigns and organizations. Despite Obama's claims to the contrary, Jim did build that.

Jim is also an accomplished political cartoonist. His cartoons appeared in small newspapers around the country and numerous websites.

Not too long after moving to Virginia, Jim started to get active in politics. He tirelessly volunteered his time with grassroots and professional services, to support candidates who believe in fiscal restraint, small government, and lower taxes. He has helped numerous local campaigns in Northern Virginia.

Republican Party Experience